IMPACT leads the way

As a prospector we leverage knowledge and goodwill gained through strong experience and innovative techniques to drive growth through sustainable developments. As a defender we are committed to expand our distinctive capabilities in the years to come in order to maintain leading position and our competitive advantages. This will secure our success, set new standards in the industry and create added value to all our stakeholders.

Our mission is to positively impact people’s lives by developing communities with focus on sustainability, efficiency and wellbeing. We generate added value to all our stakeholders through sound investments.

We strive to become the leading Residential Real Estate Developer in the region through sustainable large-scale residential projects.

  • INTEGRITY. We are honest and promise to always follow and respect the law, take the best decisions and do the right thing for our team, our clients, our company and business partners, so achieving mutual success.
  • TRANSPARENCY. We observe openness and transparency, equal treatment of all our investors and ethical business conduct.
  • INNOVATE AND LEAD. We seek to be in the upfront of industry innovation, to motivate and thus inspiring all others.
  • RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT AND BUILD SUSTAINABLY. We have a Commitment to Green. We apply and implement principles and technologies in order to achieve nZEB and BREEAM Excellent standards in our developments.
  • RESPONSIBILITY. We build the future for our clients. We are committed to always provide the most valuable propositions to our customers, since we are keen on finding a way to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
  • MOTIVATION.  We continuously strive to improve ourselves, to be beloved by our customers, trustworthy for our investors and respected by our competition.

Expansion directions for consolidating market leadership

Our strategic approach comprises of:

Geographical expansion in big cities like Bucharest, Iasi, Constanta, Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj.

Portfolio diversification into residential, hotel, office and retail spaces.



Impact has enough land for projects estimated at a total value of almost Eur 1 bn. Additionally, there are advanced discussions to buy more land and create partnerships with companies of at least similar sizes (10,000 apartments and 1bn euros project value), achieving both geographical expansion and diversification to adjacent market segments.


4th largest city in Romania 

  • Large University city; 
  • Emerging technology center triggered by Amazon investments;
  • Strong real estate sector with high demand on the office sector and logistical spaces;
  • We started a project that reproduces the success story of the Greenfield Baneasa project and we are interested in 2 other lands of approximately 17ha;
  • In touch with the owner of a 60 ha of land to replicate the Greenfield success story;
  • Actively looking for land downtown to develop an office building.


Country Capital & largest city in Romania

  • Will continue to be main development focus for Impact.
  • We are currently targeting two centrally located lands.


  • Largest port on the Black Sea coast with strong development prospects on the transportation, tourism, construction, and logistics industries;
  • Development of a large-scale mixed-use project is already in progress and we are interested in another land of about 5ha.


3rd largest city in Romania 

  • A large University city with high attractiveness for foreign investments;
  • Currently in discussions for a partnership of 50 million euros with owners of a great land. 


2nd largest city in Romania

  • University city and the most vibrant technological pole in Romania;
  • Highest post-crisis growth rate on real estate sector;
  • Currently targeting 2 excellent locations, worth around 20 million euros.



Impact has a strong track record in developing standalone residential and office projects, but our next projects will be predominantly mixed-use combining residential, hotel, office and retail spaces.


Current build to sell model will be completed starting 2019 with a build to rent model (fixed income) on both Greenfield and Luxuria projects.


  • Hotel development is already planned for the Barbu Vacarescu development as part of a mixed-use project;
  • We are actively assessing further opportunities in all expansion cities, primarily for 4 and 5 Stars hotels. 


  • Large commercial area including Mall and wellness areas is already under planning in Greenfield.
  • Most new projects will include commercial areas as an important component of the mixed-use development.


  • Leveraging on our previous experience, office development is in our short-term focus mostly as part of the mixed-use developments. 

Student housing

  • Given the strong demand and the very limited offer on the market, Impact is considering building a portfolio of student housing in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi.



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