Shareholders and Investors
Details about Shareholders and Investors

Relationships with investors are a priority of IMPACT Developer & Contractor SA’s strategy. Thus, driven by the desire and determination to establish strong and sustainable partnerships with the Company’s shareholders, we have adopted a transparency policy based on open dialogue.

The purpose of this activity is to provide investors with information about the real value of the Company and to facilitate their access to an accurate assessment of the shares they hold in the company. This website is an important communication tool and offers a wide range of information about the company and its half-yearly, quarterly and annual financial statements, including a financial calendar, an annual report and BSE reporting and information at the annual event "IMPACT - Capital Market Day". To make its financial results public, Impact Developer & Contractor SA organizes annual conferences with financial analysts and shareholders. The conferences are an opportunity to present the company's annual results and to offer bank management and financial market analysts the chance to share their views.

Any information likely to influence the business of Impact Developer & Contractor SA is subject to prior agreement by BSE and to prior notification of the NSC and the media, in the form of press releases that are readily accessible on this website.

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Information about GAS

GAS Documents and Decisions

Regularly, the General Assembly of Shareholders (GAS) informs stakeholders on any major decisions taken during its working meetings, as well as on significant financial reporting.

Financial Statements

Annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports

Financial communication is based on several principles: immediate availability of information and equal access to such information of all shareholders, transparency and consistency of the information supplied and compliance with the deadlines for the publication of financial results.

Corporate Governance

Articles of Incorporation, current reports, financial calendar, the Apply and Explain Declaration and CVs of the members of the Boards of Directors

In accordance with the laws in force and with the Articles of Incorporation of the Company, the General Assembly of Shareholders is the top management and decision-making body of the Company, deciding on the running of the Company’s business. The Board of Directors consists of a total of five directors.

Relationships with Shareholders and Investors

Shareholding Structure, Share Capital and Price per Share Evolution

     Impact Developer & Contractor SA is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since 1996. Starting from 2006, its shares, totalling 277,866, 574 shares, are listed under Tier I Premium category Regulated Market - main segment on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The stock market capitalisation of the Company as at 01.10.2014 is RON 375 million (EUR 85 million). This section provides information on the Company’s shareholding structure and the evolution of its share capital and of its price per share.   The name and contact data of person who should be able to provide knowledgeable information request : Daniela Elena Stefan Mobile: +4 0729.100.144 E-mail: daniela.stefan(at)