Making a career means choosing to climb every step in a field of activity, to reach a maximum level of professionalism. Impact Developer & Contractor is a company that favors the development of a career in the real estate field which has reliable representatives of the company as proof, who have been with us from the first years of existence.

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If you are interested in building a career and you have come to this page, the first step has been taken. Impact means initiative, determination and action. Did you know that Impact is the developer who launched the concept of "residential complex" on the market? How about the fact that it was the first organizer of a real estate fair? Always breaking ground, Impact is interested in working with people with initiative and motivated to enter the league of a high performing team.


We like the saying "There is strength in numbers", because in a team it is essential that all its members have the same direction and work well together. Each member's commitment and ability to cooperate lead to successful results of a group with common values. Team spirit does not leave room for competition among its members, but only challenges you to be at your best every day and make the most of your best ideas, with the support of your colleagues.


Considered just a generic term, every employee who chooses to have a career at Impact receives meal vouchers, medical insurance and becomes the beneficiary of a set of shares in the company. The share package is considered one of the most efficient extrinsic motivation factors because, through one's performance each teammate will be able to collect rewards from the stock market activity, which also increases the intrinsic motivation.


Every day is an opportunity to do things better, more organized, in accordance with the team's activities. Impact acknowledges the merits of teamwork and celebrates them accordingly.

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You come with experience worthy of Impact, and we take care of teambuilding and company parties.


To apply for a job among the listed ones send the CV and letter of intent to, mentioning the position you apply for in the subject of the email.


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